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Accreditation is becoming increasingly important particularly for those wishing to work with dogs in a professional capacity. Studying an independently accredited programme ensures each student's investment of resources is recognised, as course structure, material and moderation have to meet exacting educational standards.

The National Open College Network (NOCN) is a major awarding body providing national qualifications and a complementary range of national and local activities, including curriculum development and locally developed accreditation. The NOCN supports learning and widens opportunity by recognising achievement through credit based courses and accreditations.

Each IDBTS student can decide whether or not they wish to opt to work towards gaining an accreditation. There are no exams, but the work undertaken by the students is assessed by Sheila Harper Ltd tutors, reviewed by the NOCN (West Midlands) moderator and then submitted to the NOCN for issue of certificates. If students prefer, they may attend the course without needing to complete coursework in order to receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

A NOCN certificate will be issued at the end of the course where each unit has been successfully completed. The course is also endorsed by Sheila Harper Ltd and a certificate of attendance will be given at the end of a successfully completed course. A choice is available of two credit levels, 3 & 4 depending on the commitment and time available students have to put into their work. Level 3 is broadly equivalent to an AS/A Level, BTEC National, Vocational A level, NVQ 3 or Advanced Diploma. Level 4 is equivalent to a first year degree course.

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